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You were going to die.
Death, that's it, no other chance.
And it's all because you wanted to take the shortcut home, and that also happened to be a busy route that carriages took.

As you looked up into the dark night sky, which contained so many stars that you would never see again you thought about the last time you saw them. Yet while you were seeing those very stars fade you couldn't help thinking about what you could've changed. The strange thing though, is that your life was flashing before your eyes, from beginning to end.

It really didn't seem like you did a lot of selfish things, and you swore that if you lived through this, you wouldn't be like you were before.

Oh no, none of that being self-less crap, you were going to be selfish and enjoy it! No one was going to guilt you into doing nice things that you didn't want to do!
You could see it now, "But, everyone wants you to come to the party, we'll be disappointed."
"Yeah, but I don't want to go." And hang up on them!

Perhaps things were fading too fast, because you swore you saw red, a lot of it really. Does that mean that things are going by fast, if things were red? Though there was the matter of you dying at the moment.

No, but things can't end like this though, they just can't!


Well apparently they can.


When you woke up you were fine though. You were at home, safe, in your bed. Well maybe fine wasn't the right word for it, actually your legs hurt like hell.
Well I was run over…
Your maid walked into your room. "_____, your parents are here to see you." And speak of the devil, your mother came running into the room. "Oh, ______! Are you alright, how do you feel?"

"I just got run over, how do you think I feel?"

"Oh honey, I wish that this never happened!"

"That makes two of us!"

"Well, but, honey, I need you to hang in there and go to this event for me. I know that your injured, but I need you to go in your sister's place."

"Ye–" You thought about it for a second. "No, I don't want to go, so I'm not going! She has two legs that work!"

"Please reconsider dear!"

"I'm not going anywhere!" She pouted and walked out of the room. Then your father scurried in.

"Hey _____, your mother wants to go home, so I just want to say that we hired a butler to take care of you."

"I have one and a maid already though."

"Oh, but he should be able to help you better, I think he has medical expertise. Your mother is waiting, bye." As your father ran to your mother, you heard more footsteps. A young man, well probably about your age, walked in. He had his hair in a ponytail, and you could see behind the glasses that he had golden eyes. "Hello madam, I am Grell, Grell Sutcliffe."

"______, ______  _______." You smiled at the butler; well he seemed like a nice enough person.

Then again looks can be deceiving


The man served as your butler for months, long enough that you had healed and giggled when he clumsily dropped your tea, or failed to do something. To be quite honest though, it felt a little odd that the best friend you had ever had was your clumsy butler.

Of course you were allowed to comment and giggle, but if anyone else made fun of him, there were thrown out of your home.

There were occasionally suitors that came to see you, but now that you were a bit less nice, you spoke your opinion. "You're a pervert; I'm not letting you take me to dinner anywhere." "I have nothing to do, but you're boring so nothing is better."

Strange enough, more people came by because you were harder to get.  

Then a certain gentleman came by that was very interesting. His name was Malcolm. He was polite, wealthy, respectful, didn't mind when Grell made a mistake. Even when Grell spilled hot tea on him, (which if you recalled correctly, he normally made sure the tea was cooled a bit more.)   

Malcolm said that he would come by tomorrow and take you dancing, but Grell, acted a little bit strange.

Is he jealous?


----------------( Malcolm's POV )------------------

I was walking home after meeting with _____. "I wonder what she'll wear to the dance."

She seemed like a very nice girl. "I wonder how much money I can get out of her," I chuckled. "Maybe she'll give me all of her money in desperation. One more turn to get home." I had to go down an alley, but it was never much of a problem.

"So then that's what you are planning to do to ______." I turned toward the voice.

"Who's there?!" I pulled my handgun out. "Show yourselves!" Red flashed in the corner of my eye.

"I would never let you do that to her." They said in a playful tone. The voice sounded like it was right behind me. I turned as fast as I could, I tried to hold up the gun, but fear struck my heart when saw the toothed grin.

And it was the last thing I saw

-------------( You )-----------------

You waited and waited in your nicest dance clothes. Your _(h/c)_ was done just the way you liked it. For what seemed like hours you waited, and Malcolm never showed. You were happy though that Grell said you looked nice.

And then you read the paper.

Man Brutally Murdered!

Police found Malcolm Jensen shredded to bits by an unknown weapon.

"We're not entirely sure of what the cause of the damage is, but by the extent, we have to say that this is worse than the Jack the Ripper case." This is all that the police had to say.

Is England safe anymore?

"England never was safe though, was it?" you said to Grell.

"Oh… Well not really!" You lightly laughed.

There was a knock on the door. "Grell let whoever it is in." He nodded and opened the doors. You watched the strangers come in from your couch. A tall man in all black with red eyes and a young boy, maybe twelve, walked in together.

"Who are you two?" You enquired as they walked into your living room.

"I am the earl Phantomhive, and this is my butler." The man in black nodded his head.

"My name is Sebastian, milady." You nodded at them and gestured for them to take a seat. The Earl did, but the butler remained standing right beside him, like a shadow.

"I assume you know who I am, but due to common courtesy, I'm ______."

"Why are you dressed so nicely?"

"Skip to the questions? Alright." You knew that he was the queen's guard dog. "I was planning to go dancing with Malcolm, but as I found out recently, he was butchered."

"Now I need to ask your butler something." Grell stood right beside you. "Ask away."

"Grell Sutcliffe, where were you last night?"

"I was at home with ______."

"Don't lie Grell." This stuck up kid…

"I was–" You cut him off.

"Grell go get me some tea, would you?" He nodded gladly and scurried off. "Look Phantomhive, I don't know where you're getting at; Grell was with me all last night. This was a waste of time."

"You don't have any proof." Grell came back and very carefully gave you the tea.

"Come back in nine months."

"I thought you said that you going dancing with Malcolm."

"To end it for Grell." Soon after they left you and Grell, but you were still a bit annoyed, I mean, it was very likely that he did it because he wasn't here last night. You still wanted to defend you best friend though, even if he murdered someone. Another important, pressing, matter was at hand though.

You were out of tea.

"Grell, could you get me some more tea?" He nodded his head and came back with an entire tray, and you realized that it must be lunch time.

"Here you are millad–" Grell tripped and fell. The tea tray and all of its contents fell on him.  

"Grell! Are you alright?" You rushed from your seat and ran over to the poor butler. He rubbed the back of his head and took note of the tea in his hair, along with the tea all over him. You were trying to make sure that he hadn't burned himself.

"Helping your butler? I thought you were going to be more selfish from now on." Your eyes widened.

"H-how do you know about that?" He grinned, but his teeth seemed sharper.

"Let's just say that I chose whether or not you died in that crash." At first it scared you, but then the idea settled in.

"So you chose whether or not people die?" You said while wiping away the tea from his face with a napkin.

"Well you took that fairly well." Grell stood up and then helped you stand up.

"Did you kill Malcolm?"

"He was going to take everything you had though! You have been very kind to me; I would never let something like that happen to you! Never!"

"It's a yes or no question, but I take that as a yes." You smiled at him. "I'm actually happy you would do something like that for me. So thank you." Grell seemed pleased with your answer.  

Grell took the white ribbon out of his hair and let it fall. You couldn't help but run your fingers through it and be amazed when it turned red. He smiled and it was still a little odd that his teeth were different, but you didn't mind, his smile was still perfect.

"So shall we start preparing for Phantomhive's visit?" Grell said as he wrapped his arm around your waist. You grinned with him as he placed his lips on yours.

"I really do love you ______."

"Love you too."
So here it is! Should I make lemon a part 2?
I dunno.
This is for :iconxxluciddreamescapxx:
Now there's a grell x reader in the group!
I kinda wanted to put in the title "being selfish" but it didn't fit, so it's just grell x reader.

EDIT: Part 2~ [link]
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But... pregnancy lasts 9 months...
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Great story btw.
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"Come back in nine months."

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KitsuneWerdio Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2013
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